Our natural fibre-reinforced CO2 -saving biomaterials represent an attractive offer for the sustainable manufacturing industry

Biofibre GmbH

Biofibre GmbH – founded in 2011 and meanwhile a joint venture of the Steinl Group and Anvis Plastics – focuses on activities in the field of material use of renewable raw materials. All natural fibre-reinforced biomaterials and products can be further processed into end products using standard thermoplastic processes such as injection moulding and extrusion. Biofibre® granulates are based on matrices of – where possible recycled – biopolymers and various additives. In the manufacturing process, organic macroscale biofibres such as wood and other natural fibres are embedded in the matrices. In addition to improved physical properties, these biofibres also create a natural look and feel on the surface. Fibre residues from organic farming of regional sources that are not in competition with food and/or feed production are predominantly used. In addition to the joint development of the “materials of tomorrow” together with the customers, Biofibre GmbH already produces four product types that can be used in the most diverse fields of application.

In addition to the sites in Lower Bavaria (Landshut & Straubing), which focus on R&D and small series projects, there is another European site in Epinal, France. The focus there is on granulate production on an industrial scale and the production of WPC granulates and semi-finished products (profile extrusion). Outside Europe, Biofibre Americas is an additional location with a current focus on business development. Further information can be found in the item “Contact”.

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