Business Opportunities

“Sustainability as a leverage for cost reduction or profit maximization? That does not work at all, it only costs money!” Such or similar comments are still heard when talking to company representatives.

But this is NOT true! Sustainable management offers great opportunities to defend, even to increase competitiveness.


In addition to pure profit-making, the innovation of products designed to recirculate requires responsible handling of resources, the consideration of ecological consequences and the reduction of CO2 emissions. In our example, the use of Biofibre instead of plastic!


Redefine the sustainable (economic, ecological and social) effects of a product from the beginning!

  • Sustainable product innovations can lead to revenue growth. Thus, e.g. a large FMCG group in Sweden achieved a sales growth of almost 100% for instant coffee by introducing the „Fairtrade Seal“ and self-commitment to sustainable procurement for parts of their range.
  • In addition to the price, long ago customers have included other factors such as the ecological and social value of the product in their purchasing decision. This means that higher sales prices can be achieved with sustainably produced products.

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