„Eco Spacer®“ by Biofibre®

Project goal: A biobased and biodegradable solution for the existing granulate rock layer has to be developed. At the same time, specific properties in terms of mechanics (pressure load and elasticity) as well as those of the adapted grain shape represent a mandatory basis for material development.


Eco litter granules as layer protection for flat storage

In the concrete industry, plastic pellets are used to transport the products (e.g. when stacking concrete floor slabs). The granulate (usually LDPE) is used to protect packaged cement and concrete products from scratches and efflorescence. According to the instructions on the packaging, the LDPE granulate must be properly disposed of after unpacking and not be blown away by the wind or swept into the joints. Unfortunately, this usually doesn’t happen as intended, but large amounts of LDPE end up in the ground or in nature, where they remain for hundreds of years and fragment into microplastics. (The market for these granules i in Germany is approx. 500 tons / year)

Scratch and layer protection applied at the factory with a biogenic content of> 95 M%

The organic litter granulate (BPB®ECO SPACER®VP 5.0) is sprinkled between the stone or slab layers directly before the packaging (flat lay) by an automated process. ÖKO STREUGRANULAT is a biopolyester natural fiber product with a biogenic content of> 95 M%, which is produced in a special compounding process. The composition enables degradation by rotting in a reasonable time in nature as well as residue-free in industrial composting. When composting is complete, the ÖKO STREUGRANULAT disintegrates into CO2 and water within 2 -5 years. The high proportion of biogenic material in the basic product Biofibre® Silva is confirmed by:

– the certification program bio-based products according to ASTM D 6866: 2016-01 registration number: 8C131

– the bio-based certification scheme according to EN 16785-1: 2015 registration number: DIC-00009


The distribution takes place exclusively through the group of companies:

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BPB Beton- und Prüftechnik Blomberg GmbH & Co. KG | Nederlandstraße 11 | 32825 Blomberg | Germany