Biobased – what does that actually mean?

“Biobased is both a material and a product property. It describes that the carbon atoms – in contrast to fossil ones – are taken from nature in our time, thus they are ‘bio’.”

How is the biobased carbon content determined?

Classification of DIN CERTCO bio-based materials


How does DIN-CERTO work? You can find out more here.

Biofibre certifications

The certifications can be viewed here.

Why is the use of biobased plastics sustainable?

The principle of sustainability finds its beginning in forestry: only the amount of trees that can grow again should be removed from the forest.

A transfer to the use of bio-based plastics is made here:
“The societal benefit of bio-based plastics is to provide for the time “after oil”. […] Another reason to use renewable raw materials is the shortage of oil. Since around 2006, fewer new oil deposits have been found than old ones have dried up.”

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