Special Recipe

The granulate is a compound of natural fibers and a (bio) polymer matrix

Innovative formulations result in unique material properties

Based on an exclusive recipes and process techniques

  • The Biofibre® Granulate is a fiber-reinforced bio plastic.
  • The material consists of a matrix of bio polymers and natural fibers. In the manufacturing process, the natural fiber is compounded with the matrix component and necessary additives. Granulates are formed as starting material for further processing.

Natural Fibres

Biofibre® can be made with various natural fibers. The natural fibre acts as a filler and ensures a natural look and haptics of the end products. Various colors are available upon customer request.

Binding material

Biofibre® uses Biopolymers as the matrix component for the natural fibers.

By adding additives, specific properties of the material such as e.g. E-Modulus, Tensile Strength, Tensile Strain, Flexural Modulus, Flexural Strain at Break, Notched Impact Strength (Charpy), Impact Strength (Charpy) can be influenced.

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