Delfa GmbH & Co. KG: Shoe tree

Project goal: Development of a material solution with highly biobased raw material components for the production of shoe trees. Generate access to new potential markets and in particular, reach environmentally conscious customer target groups.


Our client Delfa GmbH & Co. KG reached out to us to replace a part of their product range by bioplastic based material solutions. In this particular case, a shoe tree. Our client would like to gain access to new market potentials, more specifically to reach environmentally conscious target group.

There are some challenging aspects for the development of a suitable substitute material in order to fully fulfill the required flexibility, strength, durability in that special footwear environment. The resulting material is over 90% biobased recyclable, and colorable.

Biofibre® Lenta is for example suitable to be employed for the following applications: Technical components, furnitures, etc. In other words: a bioplastic substitute for ABS (Acrylnitril-Butadiene-Styrene-Copolymer).

An own design and the production of injection molds are major parts in our value chain, as it brings creativity und a certain degree of freedom in the production of shoe trees. Moreover, the production is ensured to comply with the strict defined limits in Germany, to avoid the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and other pollutants.
In order to offer customers alternatives, nico is expanding the range of sustainable, biologically safe products in the shoe tree field.

We succeeded to develop a shoe tree that, in addition to these special properties, is particularly light and suitable for leather as for textile materials. The shoe trees keep fashionable shoes in shape even in small luggage and provide pumps, sneakers or business shoes for the next appointment wrinkle-free and shapely very quickly. They are available with spiral springs in different men’s and women’s shapes and suitable for all sizes.

For your information: Delfa GmbH & Co. KG is owner of the trademark.

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