The Solution Against Plastic Waste

The world’s oceans have become a waste dump, with large areas that are full of plastic bags, bottles and packaging. According to the German Federal Environmental Agency (FEA) up to 140 million tons of waste are in the oceans. The causes for the environment are devastating.
According to a study from FEA round about six to ten percentage of the worldwide plastic production ends up in the world’s oceans. It is assumed that the number corresponds to about 30 million tons per year – thereof 3.4 to 5.7 million tons in Europe (source: German Federal Environmental Agency FEA).

Plastic waste enters our oceans directly or through rivers. It is broken down into so-called secondary microplastics by environmental influences like wind, UV radiation or tides.

Substitution of Plastic through Biofibre

Substituting plastic with biodegradable materials such as Biofibre® granulate can help reduce the mountain of plastic waste on land as well as in the ocean in the long term. A way to make our environment more livable again.